Yaya’s regrets

After not blogging a while, I am now all rusty.

yesterday, i wrote that Yaya has two regrets and forgot to write what is her second regret.

Yaya says I should have taught her to speak Malayalam. I have blogged about not teaching my kids Malayalam. Initially it was to avoid language overload. In Malaysia, she had to learn, English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil and I didn’t want to add one more language to the list. I also felt there is very little point in learning a language that you are never going to use. She will never move to India and live there and I hope to God that she will not marry a Mallu. ( I am prejudiced towards Mallu boys). So i didn’t teach Malayalam to my kids. Yaya can understand Malayalam though.

According to Yaya, it would have been nice to learn her mother tongue.

I offered to fund three months Mallu immersion trip to Kerala as I believe three months is more than enough for her to learn Malayalam if she is that keen. She didn’t take up my offer. ( I honestly didn’t expect her to take it anyway) Besides if she really wanted to, she can still use online services and learn ( she now speaks Korean after getting hooked on K Dramas and DuoLingo)

Do i regret not teaching my kids Malayalam? Not at all.

2 thoughts on “Yaya’s regrets

  1. I was wondering what happened to you. You suddenly fell silent without even a hint. You didnt reply for my comment either. I was occasionally visiting your site for finding any signs in 2018 and then gave up.
    I simply forgotten about your blog and suddenly for no reason what so ever suddenly felt check the blog and voila you are back.Thank you.
    I accidentally came across your blogs somewhere in 2006 and read all your blogs What attracted me to your blog is your writing style which is awesome and the frank view about your life experiences. Very happy to see you back.

    Nevertheless you could have notify your sabbatical from blogging.


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