Here I am

I know many of you have been asking where I was.

I took time off because I had Amma with me. yes, you heard it right. My mother was with me for the past one year.

Earlier, my mother had chosen to stay in an aged care for destitute, the key word here is that she chose it on her volition. I think it was her way to get at us. Imagine the humiliation I have had to endure when everyone was pointing their fingers at me for sending my mother to an aged care facility meant for destitute.

As you know I attempted to see her for her 80’th birthday and mom and my younger sister played cat and mouse with me and I promised myself never ever will I have any contact with anyone.

Imagine my surprise to receive an email from my youngest sister in mid October (2018) asking if I can take care of Amma. it turns out that Amma had a fall and couldn’t even take a shower. And despite having a substantial sum from government as a pension, Amma refused to hire a carer and chose not to shower. The aged care facility contacted my youngest sister and she went and got my mother. She hired a carer for Amma and the carer left within a few days because Amma got the carer to weed the field 🙂 ( not the garden, the actual field). So getting another carer was not the option, for the tail of the dog will never be straight. (Decades ago, there was a story in either Balarama or Poompatta about someone who found a magic lamp and the genie will eat you up if you don’t give the genie work to do each day. So the man asked the genie to straighten his dog’s tail and the genie is still busy)

My sister asked if I could take care of Amma. The thing is, there is a bond, however cruel the parent is, the child will have that bond and it cant be broken. ( trust me, I tried) and i said ok.

And Amma got a one year visa to come and stay with me.

I took time off from blogging because, my oldest sister is reading this blog and she has a knack to create unwanted hassles by calling amma and telling her I said this or that. i just wanted to avoid troubles.

Amma’s visa expired last week and she went back to my sister’s/

So, here I am.

I can’t explain how much I missed this blog



12 thoughts on “Here I am

  1. Hi Sarah,
    You wont believe this!
    I just mentioned you to one of my colleague this morning and just checked you blog again. I thought you moved to Spain. I am so glad to see you back

  2. Omg, am so happy to see you back… you were always in my thoughts…and used to wonder where you had gone off to…glad to hear everything’s fine at your end..

  3. In Kerala society bad children exist, but not bad parents. There isn’t any dialogue on parental abuse, but ungrateful children are vilified everywhere. Hope your stay with amma was better this time around.

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