She called me “mom” and it felt so good to hear.

I had often wondered how I would treat the people(my children’s partners) who¬† will eventually be part of my family. I don’t talk to my family members and I just don’t want history to repeat. ( I am always worried about that, my kids could always throw that at me and say “you never talked to your own mother and how dare you expect us to talk to you?”)

I also learned that it really doesn’t take a lot out of you to be nice. I treat her exactly like I treat my kids. My best friend met her husband when she was 15 and he was 15.5 years old. They moved in together when she was 17. He did two jobs a day to help her through med school and after she graduated, she helped him to finish his engineering degree and they are still happy together. So, there is every likelihood that she could be end up being my son’s partner. I have not asked if they are serious in their relationship as I think that is their personal matter and they should decide.

At the moment, the days my son has exams, she fills his water bottles, make sure he has taken all the documents/pens etc and go with him to school to offer moral support and he does the same thing when she has exams.

In a lot of ways, I have learned so much in a few weeks. I have learned to accept that my children are not babies who depend on me. My children can have partners that might make me think what in the world were they thinking? My children’s partners will take over the nurturing role that I have been playing until now. But most of all, I have learned that if you treat them with respect and love them unconditionally, they will consider you like their mom and it is worth it.

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