When you should be stressed!

So, my youngest has decided to get more experience as a Barista as she felt it would help her to find jobs when she goes to N America three years from now. I was watching footy on TV while she sat next to me and searched for jobs online. She wrote her own cover letter explaining why the company really should hire her. Occasionally she would ask me, ‘how does this or that sound’ and I told her it is good.

Her to be employer called her on Sunday and asked her to come for the interview giving her an hour’s notice. She told him, she would like to reschedule the interview on Monday ( as she didn’t want to waste her valuable weekend). I told her, one must never do that as the employer is looking for someone to jump to their tunes, not the other way around. She replied ‘plenty of fish in the ocean’ and I shook my head and was very sure she isn’t going to hear from the employer.

Yesterday she calls me up around 2.45 p.m. to tell me that she needs a ride to the restaurant as the employer has scheduled her interview at 3.30 p.m. Since I can’t teleport and can’t get to her school in such short  notice that too  driving in peak hour traffic, I told her she needs to talk to the employer and re-schedule the interview to 4.30. She did.

I picked her up and she looked a bit stressed. So I told her “Don’t get stressed” She replied “Easy for you to say”

I told her, “in life there is only one time you need to get stressed, it is when you think you are going to die.. because most of your affairs are not in order and you don’t get much time to sort all your affairs if you are going to die. Going for an interview is not going to kill ya, so why do you have to get stressed?”

For a few seconds, there was absolute silence in the car and then she burst out laughing.

“mom, only you can come up with silly wisdom like this”

She got the job. She is 15 years + 3 months old. Not bad eh?

4 thoughts on “When you should be stressed!

  1. Hi Sarah

    Been meaning to write to you. Break reading your blog since you started. Malaysianincanada. – I was in west coast in Macy’s and you would post everyday around 11 ish PST. Good days ! Back in 2006 ??
    En-Ulagam was my blog, Mahanadi, sailusfood all were food blog maniacs of the same time
    Akkachi, ammachi, BE, Bangalore to me it was like reading one of Arundhati Roy’s books. The canal with the fish and the little girl by the canal running to see ammachi – not to forget ammachi’s advice to let go small fish.

    The neighbour that ammaxhi fought with, the coffee with ghee – I wish wish the nostalgia remained for ever for both you and me.

    I am so surprised time has gone by so fast. Kids all ready to get out of home – you back to work –

    I don’t visit your blog daily anymore but when I do I binge read and re read.

    I go back to read about ammachi. Old age is so dark. Somewhere I want all our Ammachis back..

    Oh yes and I absolutely absolutely need you to make a post on top 10 things to teach kids now that i have 2 of my own.

    Love to you and the kids

    • Revathi: I remember you. Time flies..When I started this blog, my oldest was 7 and my youngest was 3. Now my oldest is almost 19 and my youngest is 15.
      There are only two things you need to teach your children.. that the world is theirs to conquer and you believe in them

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