And finally

My aunt was one of the pioneer women from my ancestral town who had a nose piercing. In those days there was a clear cultural line that separated adherents of various religious practices. Christians didn’t wear pottu and certainly didn’t wear nose piercing. I was so fascinated to see my aunt breaking cultural ties. And I too wanted a mukkuthi.

After relentless nagging/begging/pleading my mother finally relented. I had just completed MBBS and I wanted something to mark the occasion. We went to Josco jewellers and I picked a tiny diamond mukkuthi. And then my mother had second thoughts. She said ” you know, you are now of a marriageable age and will soon get married, What if the boy doesn’t like you wear a mukkuthi? So, I think it is better to wait until you get married and get your husband’s permission”

It was my nose and I was not married at that time and why I asked my mother for her permission is still something I never understood. Somehow you are supposed to listen to your elders and follow their advice even if you know it was flawed and baseless.

Few years ago, when Yaya and I went to India, she got her nose pierced. I had thought of getting one done, but it was Yaya’s big day and I felt, it should be just hers and not something she should be sharing with her mom.

Plus there was an age concern, although I am a firm believer of ‘you are not old and it is not too late’ dogma, I was still a bit concerned. Especially when I am working for International Organizations.

This time I went to India and had that phone conversation with my sister younger to me, it actually reinforced why I walked away from my crazy family. Since my sister told me that I should consider my mother is no more, I felt I needed something to remind me not to ever have anything to do with my mother or sisters.

So I got my nose pierced. I also bought a emerald nose ring, which matches the earrings my youngest gave me as a gift.

My best friend is convinced that the next in line is a tattoo and I have learned to Never say Never.

7 thoughts on “And finally

  1. Props to you. I’m personally not a fan of body piercings except the ears (only have my ears pierced though), but for some reason I’m warming up to the idea in getting a tattoo. Think it’ll look cute on my ankle.

  2. 🙂
    a friend of mine went to India last November and came back with couple of tatoos, some in places that can be seen!! It seems she always wanted tatoos! I for one am scared of needles, so tats and piercings all out for me.. but good for you. Some times it pays to do things to break few mental barriers and subtle bonds. Amma has always lived in your head…this is a bit of breaking that!

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