Couple of days ago, I woke up hearing mother of all racket coming out from my son’s room.

“What the heck is going on?” I asked

“Nothing, Iam just looking for my money”  He replied. He spent most of his savings on the car and is  now looking for spare change.

Turns out, he has found a subwoofer for his car on gum tree and needs money to buy it. He wants the ground to shake when he drives his car..and the modified exhaust that already lets my neighbours know when he is coming home just don’t cut it.

Then I heard his younger sister asking him how much he needs and then telling him that she will pay for the subwoofer.

Wow, I thought, that is pretty generous.

Later, when she and I were in the kitchen, I told her, “Baby, that was really sweet of you to pay for the subwoofer”

“Not really Mom, I am going to inherit his car when he leaves for Uni, might as well get the car done up perfect”

I had no more words to say.

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