“The” guy

Part of my job while working for WHO was attending the department morning meeting and presenting daily updates.

He attends the meeting too. And every time he had¬†something to discuss, I understood nothing that he said. He used the word “the”¬†after every word.

I wondered how did this guy get a job at WHO?

And one day, I sat next to him during the meeting and I noticed that he was going through his photos.. and one photo caught my attention.

It was a photo of him driving the latest Lamborghini. (I swear)

I was curious. Very curious.

It turns out that he is a really big shot in his home country. He has an MD and a PhD. He had always wanted to work for WHO. So he gave up the work he was doing in his country(very senior level), came as a WHO volunteer and eventually started working as a short term consultant.. He has taken a massive pay cut, but is very happy doing what he always wanted to.

He knows his English sucks big time. But that hasn’t stopped him from getting where he wanted to be.



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