Years ago, I wrote about Freddie Aguilar and his song Anak in this blog. It is a song I  grew up with and I still listen to it as I have plenty of good memories associated with it.

When I work late at night, I play YouTube music and one of the secretaries at work who too was doing overtime had noticed Anak in my play list and commented about it. She was surprised that I, a foreigner liked Tagalog songs!  On Friday before leaving work, she left me complimentary ticket for Freddie Aguilar’s concert. in one of the local clubs. (She even called the organizer to arrange a VIP seat for me 🙂

I remember every little details about everyone in my life. Be it the security guard at the gate or the director of WHO health Systems. Not many people bother to remember anything about me. Sometimes it hurts.. especially when people forget my birthday.

So, the fact that someone remembered how much I love Freddie Aguilar meant a lot to me.

I had such a good time.

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. That was a nice song. I did not understand a single word, yet I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.
    🙂 People surprise you in small ways! Glad you enjoyed the concert.

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