I have been exceptionally busy the past few weeks trying to finish my work, cook enough food for the kids, sort the house and garden to make it less demanding on the kids etc.

Today much as I am exhausted, I am also really happy. I doubled my investment(almost).. As the kids get older, I am very careful with my money..my expenses will be exponential in 4 years when I have all three of my kids in Uni.. I wanted to travel without feeling guilty of spending money that I should be keeping aside for the kids.. I thought  and thought as to the best way to make some quick bucks.. I decided to invest in shares.

Now, my first lesson about share market  was from one of the Jeffrey Archer’s books. He had written, you buy when everyone is selling and you sell when everyone is buying. I know people who lost their homes when the share market tanked in 1997…. but just for this time, I thought I would play the market.

I researched all the companies that have stocks less than 1$/share on ASX. It took me weeks to narrow it down to the few I felt happy about.

One was a Zinc mining company. If you are in Australia, then you would know our mining boom is very much over.. I was a bit weary about investing in mining industries.. but Zinc on the other hand has market value.. it is required for Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic industry.. I read every article available online about zinc mining and decided to invest in in a company called Red river resources 6 weeks ago. I bought their shares at 0.14 and today sold it for 0.25/share. I could have waited couple of more days till it reached 0.28 then it really would have perfectly doubled.. but I got a bit scared of being too greedy.. I sold enough shares that will pay for my trip to US/Canada..

Not bad eh..

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  1. Double in 6 weeks? I made only 7% investing at regular intervals over first half of 2016. And that is only because the stock market is at a record high or somewhere really near that.

    Three questions –
    – What is the logic behind less than 1 dollar/share? More chances of making it big because it is probably not a known company?
    – Did you put all your money in one company?
    – Did you ever think about “what if i lost all of it”?

    Actually, I am more worried about losing money than making more 🙂 I only invest in mutual funds/etfs – kind of banking on people who know better than me, and the safety of averages. And if the banks gave us more than 1-2%, I probably wouldn’t even attempt that…

    • SV: most share market gurus would tell you never to invest in penny stocks.. I do have a portfolio of shares from reputed companies.. But it is all long term and even if they increase in value substantially, the amount of shares I own is not significant to make an impact.. I had close to 72000 shares in RVR because it was cheap to buy.. So when it doubled, I earned a substantial profit.
      If I lost it, I lost it.. You win some and lose some..

  2. Thank you for sharing what many would have been ‘kiasu’ about (coming from malaysia, you would probably be familiar with this term 🙂 I am in Australia. Do you think its a good time to buy Red River now?

    And yes not bad at all, you are a good thinker and continue to inspire the faceless many who read your blog 🙂

    • Sharu: RVR will reach 0.28, so unless you are willing to invest a substantial amount, your margin is not big. Try BLT. It won’t double, but has a lot of potential

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