Good word..

Most often, my children’s basketball games are played late in the evening. The carpark underneath the stadium was designed by a maniac high on dope, for there is no other explanation for the horrible design.. really narrow bays with pillars crisscrossing.. I myself find it difficult to park my car there and whenever I find an L plate driver struggling, I usually tell the kid that “You are doing very well”  and you can see the happiness on the kid’s face.

Yesterday, when I went to fetch  my son after his uni classes, he asked if we could drop a classmate home on the way back as it was raining. Since he needs his on the road hours, I asked him to drive. The traffic was really heavy and it was raining .. and the road to the friend’s house was like a mini mountain pass.. a lot of  sharp turns.. My son follows the speed limit to the T. Every bend has a posted speed limit of 30KM/hr and soon we had a huge following of cars behind us. .Single lane, evening traffic, rain and an irritating L plate driver.. enough to make any sane person mad..

When he finally stopped at the traffic light( where the lane became two) the car that followed us came to the right lane and the driver ( burly looking guy) lowered the window and gestured to my son.. and I thought this was going to be a road rage..

Guess what?

He actually smiled and told my son

“Mate, you drive very well.. good job”

You should have seen the happiness on my son’s face!

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