Sometime ago, I blogged about receiving a doom and gloom email from my son’s maths teacher..

Here is the term report.. Of course he didn’t get a 7 for maths.. But in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?

If you look at his report, he actually got really good grades and I really don’t careĀ that he didn’t getĀ 7 for all subjects.. How I wish his teachers would stop fretting about perfect 7’s and actually take a moment to see that he is a really happy child, determined to do well and is not a robot.. Sometimes you get a score that is not perfect.. But the sky won’t fall.. It never did, it never will..

Report term2.1


report term2.2

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  1. I have been doing lots of chatting on Whatsapp? I was looking for the ‘thumbs up” icon!

    This is excellent!! Good attitude on your end!!

    • MS: My classmates(from India as well as here) are pretty upset with me that I won’t give them my mobile number.. or participate in WhatsApp group chats.. I just can’t deal with WhatsApp..

  2. Huh, why are the teachers all so concerend that he didn’t get a “7” in all subjects? I agree, if the grades are sufficient and he’s happy let it be. It won’t break him.

    • J1206: My son attends the top academic school in Brisbane.. And the school expects top results from the kids. I, as a parent don’t care about perfect scores and they can’t understand why I don’t care..

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