I got the coveted WHO internship. For the longest time, I dreamt of working for WHO and it felt so good to receive the offer letter.

And now, we are back to the same problem I always faced.

I am posted to Manila and Yaya won’t be home. I can’t leave Toothless and Baby alone home for the duration of my postings.

This is the part of my life I hate the most.. where I can’t just drop everything and do what I really really  want to do.

Anyone want to come and live in Brisbane for couple of months ?


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  1. Congratulations Sarah!!!! You are incredible!

    I hope you can find a safe arrangement for your kids during your internship. If I lived anywhere near Brisbane I would have offered to have the kids stay with me, they sure sound like an awesome bunch. I’m in a different continent

    • Dee: It would have been easier if Yaya was home. Because she can drive and go to the grocery shop which is really far from my house. So I do need to find someone to stay with the kids.. I am sure something will work out.

    • Nimmy: So far, the only thing I have done is to book Tango lessons in Manila. I have always wanted to learn to Tango and since I am free every evening and don’t have anything else to do, I decided I will learn to Tango. How I am going to get to Manila, I haven’t figured it out yet.

  2. Congrats on the offer Sarah !

    Funnily enough that too is my life long dream (that or CDC) as well since I’m working to be an epidemiologist, but in reality, it probably won’t come true.

    If I wasn’t in grad school and so busy now, I’d love to fly over to Australia and hang out with your kids 🙂

    • J1206: 28,000 people apply for WHO internships each year. 90% of them probably are in their 20’s and early 30’s. I am 45 and I still managed to get it because I believe the only person that will ever stop me from getting what I want is me. So, if you really want something, you should go for it.

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