5 split in to 4.

Oh the things you get to watch.

Last weekend one of the local thrift shop had 5$ a garbage bag sale. Where you can buy as much clothes as you can that will fit in to a garbage bag for 5$. Yaya and 3 of her friends attended the sale.

When she came back, she had 4 tops, 2 jeans and few pairs of shorts. When I used to take her for the same sale few months ago, she used to come home with lot more clothes. So I was curious as to what happened?

“We decided to split 5$ four ways and buy only one bag of clothes, so each of us only needed to pay $1.25.”

At the moment, she is working two jobs and earning her own money. I do not give her any money as I believe that my responsibilities were over the day she graduated grade 12.

All of a sudden, spending her own money is a lot difficult  than spending her mother’s money. She now knows how to stretch her money…which is a good lesson to learn..

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