Yaya’s final exams will start tomorrow and she is currently on  SWOTVAC ( Aussie equivalent of study hols)

She started a new job last week and went for on the job training most of the days. She attended a Halloween party at her friend’s house on Saturday and had a sleepover. I see her sitting down in her room and revise every now and then.

I don’t know if it was the way we study in India, or if it is because I am a student who believe in the  very last second panic studying. Few days before my exams, I am usually so stressed and will be biting every bit of my nails and wouldn’t even eat anything for fear of wasting time. My child on the other hand baked a cake last night, filled her uni application forms etc. I am terrified every time I see Yaya not studying. I am tempted to tell her ‘don’t waste time, keep revising’

But then I tell myself, I haven’t told her to study until now and she did well and I am sure she knows what she is doing.

Honestly, her style of studying terrifies me.


4 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. I’m like you too!! I get super worked up before exams, but Yaya’s way is more healthy and I’m sure she has it all under control! Hopefully one day I can be that chilled and not bite my fingers down to a stump by the end of the exam season! Wishing her the best 🙂

  2. There’s some evidence that TOO MUCH studying is not healthy for you and that you need to go some days where you have to relax and enjoy what you like to do. Even when I was in nursing school we were told not to study or do anything the day before the exam because cramming information right before taking the test can make your brain kind of groggy and you tend to perform not as well. Yaya is definitely taking the right approach and it’s obvious she has very good study skills. I’m sure she’ll be fine.,

    • J1206: today is her last exam. She worked until 9 pm yesterday, although I begged her not to. She also has been watching gossip girls.. I guess she knows what she is doing..

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