Help Pls

If you are from Sydney Australia, can you please help me?

I will be in Sydney all of next week and  have messed up our rental car booking and have no car on Tue and Wed. The two days we have earmarked for visiting Sydney.

I need to figure out places to visit and how to get there, keeping Harbour area as my main location. I have never used public transport in Sydney before and am clueless. If you can add in an awesome south Indian/ M’sian restaurant in that list of places to go to. that will be super too.

I will of course shout a round if anyone would like to join us for dinner on Tue or Wed

My assignments are all on due on Monday morning and am flying out of Brisbane on Monday arvo, so won’t have to time to actually google and find the info myself

Pls email me (… gmail….. dot…com)or leave a comment here



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