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When we went to Sydney, we stopped at Newcastle to visit the beach.

Imagine this..

Crisp winter morning. Temperature of about 15 degrees. Warm enough to go for a swim and cold enough not to get sun burned.

Beautiful blue ocean and matching blue skies..

You wait patiently  for the whales to do the tale flip and then you spot the whales not too far away from he shore.. It was so incredibly beautiful.. ( and to think that I paid money to take my kids for whale watching  in Canada when we could do it here for free)

And it occurred to me that, I really don’t want to leave Australia. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived and I enjoy my life here.

I still want to work and live in South America and Africa which will complete my bucket list of having lived in all the continents. But after that I want to come back and live here. There  lies the biggest problem. My children don’t want to live here and I really don’t want to live in US. In a decade or so, I hope to be a grandmother and I can’t imagine not living close to my grandchildren and spending time with them and  spoiling them rotten.

As I was waiting at the fish shop to buy fish and chips for my kids, I watched a dignified (looking) older lady buying ice cream for her grandchildren and then it occurred to me, I am just going to do exactly the same. I am going to bring my grandchildren to me by being  the best grand mom on earth. I am going to buy a beachside apartment in either Newcastle or Geelong ( two of my fav beaches) and a schooner. I am pretty convinced that future grandchildren will tell their parents, Grandma has the most awesome place and will take us sailing in her Schooner, so we are going to Australia to visit her.

I think this plan will work. I am going to buy lottery tickets starting today.

6 thoughts on “Perfect plan

  1. I’m starting to want to buy lottery tickets as well. I feel like I really need an vacation. It’s been almost four years (last vacation was Kerala). I’m not concerned about being a millionaire, but at least a couple thousand dollars will help tons. Bucket list includes international travel (besides Kerala) to almost all places and some cruises !!

    Just curious, why don’t you want to live in the US? :D. I do admit it’s going downhill now and impossible to live in this country d/t the poor economy. You really need a steady job just to survive.

    I’d love to live in Australia, however with all those deadly critters you have there (funnel web spiders, scorpions, crocodiles, snakes) kind of makes me think otherwise. Perhaps a visit is enough 🙂

    • J1206: I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have the best health care, only 23 million people and exceptional quality of life and very few Indians.. Why would I want to leave this place and move to a country with 318 million people, a lot of mallus and expensive medical care? You have bears, cougars, rattle snakes etc in States, does that bother you? I am sure it doesn’t. Yes, we have a lot of deadly and dangerous animals here ( I have seen brown snakes in my pergola) and sometimes people die, just people die from rattle snake bites.. But that is life.

  2. ^That’s true, but your critters are much more deadly and aggressive (sydney funnel web, mouse jellyfish). Someone sarcastically told me once probably that’s why Australia is not overly populated. Where I am (Northeast) we really don’t have very dangerous ones, most I’ve seen is the usual house spider and a few big ones though very rare, but they are not aggressive and will not bite if you leave them alone. Out in the mid west and west coat, they do have the black widow and brown recluse which are poisonous and can be deadly, but they are very shy and hardly will do anything unless provoked.

    I agree the healthcare system is expensive and often ridiculous (it’s already shattered). Yes it’s a big country and has millions of people, but there are many less populated and rural areas with less people like in Alabama or Arkansas.

    As for mallus, well depends where you live. Big cities, especially New York, Chicago, Bay Area (in California and has so many of these ethnic cliques) and Houston/Dallas are best to avoid since it’s like mallu-central. But there are many mallus who are westernized and pretty awesome, so just avoid the stuck up ones who are stuck in their own time warp I guess. Btw I’m pretty sure there is a big mallu population in Australia they have a quite a big mallu population like in Sydney. Always see these Australian Malayalee Associations in ads. I’m not a fan of these so called associations (it’s evident among Tamils, Gujuratis, Punjabis..etc too) and although Indian citizens claim everyone as their brother and sisters, you realize it’s bullshit as there is an obvious inherent hatred or bias among people from different states, like Tamils will only stick with Tamils and mallus with mallus..etc even if they speak English very well and have lived outside for decades. It’s quite sick.

    • J 1206: I have been here for 6 years and I am yet to see any of the creatures you mentioned. However, I have seen my share of Grizzlies and black bears in Canada.. I do see snakes very often because I chose to live close to the bush.
      Australia has a small population because our colonisation history only dates back to 200 years and our migration laws are very strict.
      As for Indians.. entire Australia has less than 400,000 Indians, compared to 500,000 Indians in CA alone. Which simply means I can still walk down the streets without having to meet another Indian or be judged as an Indian by the rest of the population.
      I have no idea about the number of mallus here as I am not part of any of the association.

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