Today was my son’s turn to accompany me for grocery shopping. I look forward to spending time alone with each of my kids.

Today I asked my son “What do you consider my legacy as your mother ?”

He thought for a few seconds and replied

“Mom, you taught me how to be an awesome parent when I will eventually have kids. You had a messed up childhood and you could have continued the same with my siblings and I, instead you chose to be the best mother a child could ever get, I think that is your legacy”

I have no words to describe my feelings.

Away until next Monday. (27 th) See you all then

2 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. You know, it is often said that people who had a messed up childhood, raped or raised in a certain way tend to follow the same way they experienced with their kids and enforce it on them, even if it is wrong. Indians, Chinese and many other Asians are so guilty of this, but there are some who can actually think for themselves and realize..”this is so wrong” and break the cycle. You’re a prime example of that and I’m glad you did not raise your kids like most Asians do. Hence why they are successful. You don’t force them to follow the herd, compare them or throw fits when they make a mistake. In fact you guide them in a way where they become responsible citizens, have them make choices for themselves, learn from them if they err..etc. I seen parents tell their kids “That’s the way I grew up and that’s how you will grow up too”. Myself included.

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