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My high school classmate sent me a mail requesting that I convince  her son to study medicine. According to her, all other degrees are not worth doing because there is no job security.

I asked her “what does your son wants to study?” and she replied ” He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet and wants to do a general degree first”.

But she doesn’t want him to do a general degree. She thinks because he is a talented artist and has slender hands, he would be an ideal medical student.

I explained to her that at the age of 18, most people do not know what they really want to do for the rest of their life and hence the reason American Unis allow you to take general subjects the first two years and then go for what you really like in year 3.

She phoned me few days ago  insisting that her son should do medicine and I really must talk to him. I finally asked her ” Is it because you wanted to do medicine and was not given the opportunity that you are insisting that your son should do medicine?”

She was silent for a few seconds and then told me ” Yes, she really wanted to do medicine, but her marriage was already arranged when she completed pre-degree, but that is not the reason why she wants her son to study medicine, as she has met several people who have done other degrees and are jobless”

She was really annoyed with me because I refused to do what she wanted me to do.. convince her son to do something he doesn’t want to do.

I seriously think children should find their own path. There is no such thing as guaranteed job security.. even if you became a doctor, you could still make that one mistake and lose your license.

Up until last year, Yaya had no idea what she wanted to study. We went from becoming a world famous artist/graphic designer to Bio medical science. Right now she wants to do a double major in economics and politics ( I have no idea what she means by politics, I assume it is political science) or economics and law. I have not encouraged them to follow any particular career path. ( I did wish secretly that they wouldn’t do medicine), but I will never tell them to do a degree because it provides job security..

Ps. every morning, when I go for my walk, I pass by one of the largest house in my neighbourhood. It is in an acreage, beautifully manicured lawn and they own the latest Lexus..The owner doesn’t work in the weekends, doesn’t work after 4 pm on weekdays and goes for surfing holidays around the world. He is our local plumber.


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  1. I was RFLOL when I read the last paragraph. There must be a lot of old houses in your neighborhood! 🙂
    On a serious note only a luck few find themselves in a profession they truly like. Most are pushed or stumble into something that they don’t really care about. That is why you usually find only some islands of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

    • Goutham: I wouldn’t be this upset and regret not becoming a plumber,,if my suburb had a lot of old houses.. All the houses are over Half Mil mark and this guy owns one of the most expensive houses in my suburb..

  2. Not job security alone. No body cares an MBBS and so needs PG. It goes on. And only the competent finds job. The main thing is the social status. The concept of job in the west has not reached Kerala-India.

    • Bipin: I think children should find their own path and parents shouldn’t use children as an extension of their egos

  3. Like Bipin said,

    I think Asians in general are very concerned with social status and the concept of hierarchy than realizing any job can be fulfilling. I 100% agree it should be based on talents/interests/passions, not for a social standing. It’s obvious they are all competing for MONEY$$ and get the best material comforts, hence they must get wealthy, make sure their kids get the best schools and education and only go for certain careers (the Chinese are big on this part) because they want to be superior and be on top. It’s funny at times to see every single Asian become a doctor, engineer or IT professional (in Kerala, nurses are included). If one chooses the latter like journalism or teaching, = shameful for community. Hence Asian parents are making sure their kids become doctors/engineers/IT professionals. However on the latter it causes problems because med/engineer/IT schools are becoming problematic with too many applicants, making it very difficult and competitive and there is a decline in other areas that needs professionals to help uphold the community and make it better, such as journalism, fiance/accounting, and especially the teaching profession. What’s going to happen to the teachers in India if EVERYONE goes for doctor/engineer/IT??? It’s probably why people are saying that education in India is lagging a little behind because there are no good teachers? Plus there are professions that can bring forth new ideas and concepts, hence creating new experiences for people too. We def need that. In addition, are the children who are forced to go into these professions happy with it? Unless they choose the career path themselves, I don’t really think so and they are miserable, so I agree it has to be something you yourself would enjoy. Money never guarantees happiness. I’ve seen people who make below average salaries and are living the happiest life ever. I watched these videos where an American teacher were asking some kids in India and China what they want to be when they grow up sometime ago and it’s funny how almost ALL the kids aim to be a doctor/engineer !. (I think they had no choice but to pick those choices). In contrast, I saw the Chinese one, and it seemed a little more diversified, not too much “doctor/engineer”.

    And as for job security, there indeed is no guarantee whatsoever. People say that in nursing there is ALWAYS opportunities and “job security” (at least in the US). The funny thing is since the economy crashed, almost everyone is going for nursing and the field itself has gone downhill..benefits taken away, retirement beneifts all gone, long hours and the risk of losing a job is much greater since the management is VERY BAD, and there is a “short staff” of nurses (and funnily enough a lot of people find it difficult to get nursing jobs now). Everything is always gamble and there is NO security no matter what career you choose.

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