Take fear by the horn!

I may have written about this incident, if so, bear with me. ( I hate having to read what I have already written, So I don’t want to go through past blog posts)

Some time ago, I had written that Yaya was going on a hiking trip with her friends.

First of all, she has the best friends on earth. They knew her dislike for moving her body and didn’t tell her that it is actually a 6 hour hike ūüôā

By the time Yaya figured that out, it was too late to turn back. And so she whinged and whined and crossed the creak ( ice cold water) and ¬†climbed the mountain. When they set up the camp, Yaya realised that she didn’t bring a mat to put the sleeping bag on. ( Without a mat, if you lay down on the tent floor, it will¬†damage the tent as well as your back) And so it was decided that Yaya and a friend will sleep¬†outside on the hammock.

Campsite was in the middle of wilderness with the nearest human habitat an hour away. And my child who is scared of anything that moves in the dark decided to sleep in a hammock outdoor.

In the middle of the night, she heard thumping sound that was coming closer and closer.. and then she saw eyes peering down at her from the tree top..

Eventually she must have slept off. ( after 6 hours of hike, I don’t think she would have been¬†able to keep¬†awake)

But the good thing is.. she is no longer scared. She tells me that if she can spend the night outdoor in the middle of a forest in a hammock, then there is nothing that can scare her anymore.

I am happy for her.

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