Dress for less.

When I returned to Uni after the surgery, one of my TA mentioned that the Prof was trying to figure out ( after receiving  my medical note from the uni administration) who was I in a class of more than 160 students and another lecturer told him that ” She is the one who is always well dressed”

I take great care to be well dressed. However that doesn’t mean that I spent a lot of money on my outfits. I haven’t bought a single new dress since I came to Australia. Every single one of my outfits are from the second hand ( thrift) shops. I go to thrift shops in upmarket areas as most thrift shops tend to sell items donated to the store and upmarket areas tend to have upmarket items donated. I can find branded clothes for a fraction of the price in those shops. All my suit jackets and blazers are branded and I haven’t paid nothing more than 10$ for each. Some of it were still brand new ( with the tag still on it)

I know using second hand stuff sounds a bit mangy to many people. My point has always been, if you can happily go to a restaurant and eat from a plate hundreds of other people have eaten from while relying on their dish washer to do a good job, then washing second hand clothes before wearing them should be fine.

Sometimes you find a lot of treasures too at the thrift shop. I found an antique aboriginal woomera in a non-descript thrift shop somewhere in NZ for 1 $. My friend it is worth about $500.

Yesterday, I found a pair of beautiful earrings for 5$. It took me all night to search on google to find where it is from.

earrings photo (2)

earrings 2Someone somewhere spent a lot of time to handcraft this earring and I am now the proud owner.

4 thoughts on “Dress for less.

  1. To be honest that’s a great habit to do as you save oodles of money. You defintiely can get awesome clothes for cheap. I’ve seen my roomates and other people go crazy with clothes buying $200 worth of clothing frequently..it’s insane ! I thank god that I’m not a clothes obsessed shop a holic (I hate shopping and clothes) and am into saving some money. Here and there I will buy new clothes, but with making sure it’s not overly pricey.

    • J1206: There was a time I bought really expensive clothes, but now I prefer branded clothes from thrift shops. I can’t imagine having to spend anything more than 10$ for a jacket.

  2. Sarah..totally agree with you, I get all my work wear from Best bargain not sure if they are branded but suits me, especially when living on a budget 🙂

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