Two posts in a day??

I have a full day at Uni tomorrow and won’t have time to post this till next week.

So, Yaya got her SAT score an hour ago. She got 2060.

I am very happy for her. But she isn’t and she has realized that 2 weeks of studies won’t get you a really good SAT score and wants to write it again.

It felt so good to see her score.

6 thoughts on “Two posts in a day??

    • MS. She wants to write again and hoping to get 2300, so that the top 39 unis will be in her list. She realised that SAT requires a bit of study..and 2 weeks was insufficient.

  1. A 2060 is considered a excellent score. Average score a person gets is about 1650-1700 I think. I really don’t understand why she’s very much worrying about it. Plus an SAT score is not the only factor that determines one’s admission status. There’s EC activities, HS grades, essay..etc. She should be fine.

    • J1289. I didn’t say she is worried.
      There is a difference between a good SAT score and exceptional SAT score. She is aiming for the exceptional.
      She has been volunteering at the local thrift shop once a week since grade 8. She works at the soup kitchen, she is the student ambassador for Red Cross and a mentor for international students. She plays basketball semi professionally. She also learned Spanish as a second language and passed the qualification tests in Spanish and consistently won academic award since grade 1.

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