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To prevent myself from dying slowly due to boredom I subscribed to Netflix while recovering from my surgery. ( Netflix only came to Australia last month). I am not really a big fan of TV, except Mentalist. In fact when we were planning our last trip to US, Yaya suggested that we visit studio zone in LA where Mentalist is filmed so I can meet  my heartthrob ! Even my kids noticed my love for Mentalist 🙂

My Kids watch a bit of cartoon after they come back from school. I don’t think they really see anything, but sitting in the living room with a snack and watching something mundane on TV is the way they decompress after a hectic day at school. After an hour or so the TV goes silent.

I prefer to read than to watch TV, but since I couldn’t go to the library, Netflix was the only solution. I am sure they have algorithm that tracks people’s name to their ethnicity, because their suggested list for me contained Indian movies.

One such movie was Today’s special. Since Madhur Jaffrey was acting in it, I thought I might as well watch it.  Madhur Jaffrey is a cook I respect a lot. She taught me to cook Indian food. Her recipe books were the first Indian recipe books that I felt was written well without any complicated steps. ( side note. When I look for a recipe online, it drives me insane with the ones that have a million photos..that shows onions being browned in various shades of doneness, followed by another million photos of each ingredient being added, then more photos of stirring…. I am sure you got the picture! That is one of the main reason I still prefer recipe books that are well written with few photos)

Anyway, I made myself a pot of tea and prepared myself for wasting another hour of my life that I will never get back. ( Usually after watching some of the Mallu movies like Casanova, that is how I feel)

I have to say, I haven’t watched a movie this good in a while. Naseeruddin Shah was awesome, so were the rest of the cast.

If you haven’t watched give it a go.


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  1. welcome to netflix, and binge watching. Dont know if you get same tv shows that are available to folks in the US, I learnt a bit about teens watching this soap called switched at birth, where 2 teens finds out that they have different bio parents due to a goof up at the hospital where she was born.

    • Ra: I now get the same US Netflix. I use my VPN to access the US Netflix, Aus Netflix is restricted, no latest shows yet due to licensing regulations . I haven’t actually had the time to look at the US programs yet. I watched one of my fav British sitcom of the 90’s. Absolutely fabulous..

  2. Neflix just came in Australia? It’s a pretty old thing for us in the US lol.

    Today’s Special…is that a fairly new movie or old? But looks good. Will now look up Madhur Jaffrey. Whenever I hear of Naseeruddin Shah, I think of ladki ki kathi since everyone loved him in Massoom lol.

    • J1206: I haven’t watched a Hindi movie for more than a decade and I don’t even remember watching a Naseeruddin shah movie since leaving India in ’94.

      • I used to watch TONS of Hindi films when I was younger, but now I don’t watch as often as I used to. I feel the late 90’s through mid 2000’s films were the best and very good. Even films from the 70’s and 80’s were descent (though some were outright silly). Now with the newer generation films, all appeal is lost since I feel they are being very much full copycat of Hollywood, and it’s not that great anymore. Only one that was epic was Aashique 2 that was out 2 years ago and which I really liked. To me, it seems like they are trying to become something they really are not. Plus the genre is ALWAYS the’s always about love b/w a boy and girl yada yada. Like really, how much more do we have to see of guys chasing girls running around trees and sing songs? It’s like in every movie. I wish we had more “Taare Zameen Par” (which was awesome and recommend you watch if you haven’t seen it) like films where the story is not about love, but something completely different. I mean Indians are smart people, they can do better than that lol. Even though the pre late 2000’s films were love stories, they had some meaning to it and how life is like for many families in India, so therefore they portray some kind of message. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Mera Naam Joker are examples. Now the newer films are like what the hell? Lol It’s gone downhill. However the songs are still nice ! :D.

        Perhaps Mallu movies are better now haha :p

        • J1206: I find Indian movies too long, too many songs and it is the actor’s credibility that sells, not his acting ability. Just as I was finishing pre-degree QSQT came out and it was a good movie and piqued my interest in Hindi movies..and till I left India, I watched every single hindi movie.. after that very few. I can only think of two movies since 94..Kuch kuch hota hai and three idiots.
          The only reason I watch mallu movies is to cure my nostalgia, but 90% of them are a waste of time and effort.

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