Imperfections !

I have no  books to read. That is really not true, I have plenty of text books to read, but that is not really what I want to read. I want my usual dose of romance books. My kids won’t go to the library to get me books because apparently they have a reputation to protect 🙁

I convinced a friend to go to the library for me and I couldn’t give any hints to her as to what books I have already read or the author I like and she got me the books I have already read. I usually go to the library and pick up the books with a heart sticker on it ( romance) and that is brand new. ( I have read all the old ones! ). I don’t even check the name of the author because it is a pointless exercise…. All stories are practically the same I prefer to waste the least amount of brain cells.

I hate reading just doesn’t feel the same and if you are like me who will occasionally sleep off while reading..then you know kindle falling on the nose hurts a lot more than a paperback!

So we are back to ” I am bored, I have nothing to do”

Imperfections.. ever since the onthu looky period, I haven’t really stood in the mirror to analyse my body. ( You wouldn’t either if you think you look like a gecko)

Since I have nothing much to do.. I thought I shall inspect my body..

I was never really bothered about stretch marks.. I have plenty. I am a mom and stretch marks are part of me. But what I noticed this time was cellulite on my thighs. Ideally I should say ” I have cellulitis, so what?” Like one of those models/celebrity.. But that is not what I did..

I swore using few colourful words and then I checked Dr. Google for miracle cure, then I felt sorry for me and  tried to convince myself that I am being really vain worrying about something really trivial..

But the truth of the matter is.. I am is inevitable that I will get cellulite..but I still can’t imagine having to wear skirts that are long enough to hide my cellulite.

I hate having to grow old..there I said it.


8 thoughts on “Imperfections !

  1. You really are bored! 🙂 Get well soon and get to doing things like walking and reading and cooking. You are not getting old, idle mind.. 😉
    Cellulite and stretch mark..seriously!!!

  2. Running is a cure to Cellulite. I am 40, and my legs are like teenagers. Running melts the fat and restores the skin back to normal in right places.

    • Joan: I walk 10 km on average/day. So it is not lack of exercise that caused the cellulite.. As I grow old, my skin ages( genetic plays a big role) and cellulite is part of that ageing process.

  3. Think positive Sarah !

    Way I see it, yes we do get older and there’s nothing we can do about it, but at least we can embrace some of the good aspects it brings. Don’t think of age and just live and enjoy your life and do what you love to do ! 😀

    • J1206: Oi, how to be positive when I hv to give up wearing short skirts? I love to wear short skirts ! I find long skirts boring.

  4. You bored. A stage when one feels he has finished all work. But you still have lot of work. If you have finished all reading start writing. Write a novel about romance..

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