Choices !

I am planning a trip to Vancouver in the last week of July and thought I will take Yaya with me. It will be a small break for her before her IB exams, besides she could buy her prom dress from there. She was all excited till she found that I am leaving on the same day as the Splendour in the grass festival in Byron Bay.(

It was a major decision to make for her. A week trip to Vancouver or 3 days of music festival in Byron bay.

“I don’t know what to do Mom, I really want to go to Vancouver, but all my favourite bands will be playing at the music festival” She said.

“It is totally your choice” I explained. She will have to learn to make tough choices.

Yesterday morning before going to school, she told me “Mom, I can always go to Vancouver any other time, but the music festival only happens this time, I won’t be here next year to attend the festival, so I would like to attend the festival, could you please buy the tickets for me?”

1500$ for the air fare vs 365$ for the music festival ! ( Her choice was a good deal for me)

So I sat in front of my computer from 8:30 AM for the ticket sale that started exactly at 9 AM and managed to buy the tickets for her. ( It was sold out in half an hour)

She is very happy !

( And now, me twiddling my fingers being worried about her safety starts.. I bought tickets for a music festival well known for drugs/alcohol/blah blah !)

This was last year’s review



2 thoughts on “Choices !

  1. Next year she is going to be at Uni without you around.. You have let her be, trust that your voice is somewhere playing in he head. Do give some advice when she goes to the music festival.
    My nature is to worry and be over protective and want to do everything, but I do realise that it is not possible.

    So chill! She will be ok,

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