April fool

I am sure I wrote this story before, but I felt like telling it again. πŸ™‚

My grandfather ( maternal) was a man of few words, but comeΒ  April 1st, everyone at home, including the maids woke up with a paper pinned on their clothes that said “April fool” and every year he told his family the best April fool prank that was every played on him.

He loved going for early morning walks and one day as he was walking, he saw a large crowd near a bridge. Curiosity got better of him and he went to check it out. There near the bridge was a cashew tree with a branch over the bridge and on that branch was a young man who threatened every few seconds “Njan ippol chadum” ( I am going to jump off) and the crowd would plead “Chadalley” ( Please don’t). Police came, collector came, every one who is anyone came..all pleading with the man please don’t jump. After a while the man grinned and told the onlookers..”Happy April fool’s day” and climbed down the tree.

Day before night, I heard my son tell his sister “guys watch out for tomorrow, mom is sure to prank us”

In the morning, they checked their clothes first, to see if I pinned a note. They gingerly took a sip of the juice. ( I salted it once). They opened their cupboard carefully. ( I hung a plastic snake once). They checked their lunch box. ( My first successful prank was to send a maggi mee noodles packet uncooked as Yaya’s lunch. I send hot lunch to office separately. Yaya still talks about the shock she had when she opened her lunch box. I also sent empty lunch container for all three with a note ‘gotcha’, but organized tuckshop for them). Before their left, they checked each other’s clothes, just to make sure that I hadn’t stuck a note on the back. ( IΒ  stuck a note on my son’s jacket that said “please tell Toothless that the secret code for today’s mission is Sky is blue”. Everyone including his teacher told him that and he had no idea why everyone was telling him that.

“Guys, I am not well, I am not playing any pranks today” I told them.

“We don’t believe you” they said in unison.

“too bad” I replied.

When they came back, they checked their room etc again..and then they went to wash their hands and screamed..( toothless got home first, then a bit later my youngest and Yaya was the last to arrive, so they all got fooled)

I had partially closed the tap with tape, so when they opened the tap, they were sprayed with water..

The look on their face.. Priceless.

Happy April fool’s day.

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