Deep end

It feels like I have been thrown in to the deep end of the pool..

I kind of thought that full time studies would be a walk in the park. I didn’t realize how intense this would turn out to be. Part time study was very easy. If I didn’t have time to attend classes, I just read the books or listened to the audio and did my assignments slowly often asking for extensions which were easily given. Full time study means 2 hours long lectures and group projects and seminars all day..

To add more grief to my already suffering self, I also find that I am extremely competitive. Until now, I only competed with myself, but now all of a sudden I find that I want to be the best in a class of 200 students. ( Not just my degree programs, students from other programs too study some of my subjects, so the cohort is very large) Most of my classmates have the advantage of being single and all the time in the world to do their assignments, while I on the other hand have to rush back home, take kids for their sports activities, cook dinner and then do my assignments.

I do not regret joining the course, it is so much fun to learn new things. I love the vibrancy of the campus life, meeting new people etc. But I am also exhausted.. both physically and mentally.

8 thoughts on “Deep end

  1. You go girl! Whoop Whoop!You know you can do it ! I can’t wait for you to finish and see you at the top of your graduating class! I’m rooting for you Sarah!
    Warm Regards,

  2. You did’t enjoy full the campus when you should have. That feel of loss is still inside you to recreate it. Age and changed time will have a little effect ( little only becuase it is you) but you can still enjoy ( again ‘because’ it is you).

    • Bipin: I admit my college life in India was horrible, however, I did my master’s degree in UK and I enjoyed the campus life. So it isn’t a question of feeling loss. I enjoy my current campus life because it is so much fun.

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