Slow dancing.

I had the most awesome Valentines day and I didn’t receive flowers, card or a gift.

25 years ago, I never thought I would write the above sentence and think my life is awesome. Then Valentines day was theatrical and true love was equated to red roses, chocolates, a sappy romantic card and a candle light dinner..

Now, love is about lazing in the bed while your partner makes you a cup of Kusmi tea ( even though he hates Kusmi tea), fighting for the newspaper as to who gets to read the main section first ( he wins, because he went out to collect the paper from the driveway) and spending time together while doing the mundane things like hanging the laundry, weeding the garden etc.. In other words Valentines day was just like another day and I didn’t think it was a crime not to have made a big deal out of it.

My children on the other hand had a great time. Yaya received plenty of rose flowers and few are from secret admirers. My son bought flowers for his girl and baby went to watch a movie with her friends.. They think that I am a dinosaur for not getting all excited for Valentines day. I didn’t say anything because I know 25 years from now, their children will think the same way..

As you grow older, you will learn that life is a slow dance..and its gentle rhythm sooths your soul..

4 thoughts on “Slow dancing.

    • Bipin: not all. For the 17 years old, it wasn’t meaningless rituals. I loved getting flowers, cards and gifts. It validated my feelings. As a 44 year old, I find different meanings to love and it didn’t include roses, card or gift.

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