cookies and paddock

I am sure you must be wondering what is the relationship between cookies and paddock.

Middle of last year, my local Utility company was doing sewarage drain upgrade near my home.  One evening it was raining heavy ( and very cold) and my youngest decided to bake cookies for the workers.  She said she just wanted to bring a ray of sunshine in to their life and baked two dozen chocolate chip cookies for them.

To be honest, I wasn’t very happy with my youngest. Although I try to not be like my mother, there are still parts of her upbringing residing in me. I felt very uncomfortable thinking that perhaps the workers might look at my child’s action differently.. A part of my knew there was nothing wrong in baking cookies for someone ( strangers) but there was another part of me, that would have been happier if she didn’t do that and just minded her own business..

It made the workers very happy and every now and then if I was working in the garden in the evening, they would stop by and say hello.

The paddock behind my house is a slope. ( my son had a water slide birthday party in that area when he was in grade 6 ) and I told one of the workers while discussing about the future plans for my garden that I am planning to get the paddock levelled. I wanted an orchard and thought it would look better if the area is levelled. But getting the fill etc are time consuming, not to mention the cost involved.. The next day when I came back from work, I noticed a mound of fill in the paddock and I went to check it out. The supervisor of the project saw me, came over and said they are going to level the paddock for me because no one ever baked them chocolate cookies.. ( the fill was from the tunnel they were constructing to lay the new pipes).

I offered to pay for the work they were doing. They refused. They finished the work few weeks ago ( while I was away ) and I must say, paddock looks awesome.

One good turn always leads to another

10 thoughts on “cookies and paddock

  1. That is awesome!!

    But the cynic and skeptic in feels that you should be careful. These guys, though may be nice people, are still strangers.

    • MS: I am still a cynic.. but often my children teach me that this world isn’t a really bad place..that you have to believe in goodness.

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