I did it.

The highlight of my trip was climbing Mount Kinabalu.

I used to live near the base of Mount Kinabalu and never once thought of climbing it. Then I went to England to study  and on my orientation day, my professor asked me where I am from and upon hearing the word Kinabalu, immediately said he climbed the mountain few times. I didn’t know where to hide my head in shame and was so embarrassed. I promised myself that one day I will climb Mt Kinabalu.

Most people who plan to climb a mountain would start preparing for the climb months in advance. In my case, I dreamed about it for 20 years and that was all the preparation I did.

Only when we reached the National park did my youngest understand that it really was a big mountain..she was always reading while her siblings and I discussed about our climb and I guess she didn’t pay any attention. She assumed that it was an hour hike, like going for bush walking in Mount Coo’tha. Clearly, she was wrong ( and shocked too).

It took me 4 hours to reach base camp. My children abandoned me half way through because I was ( very) slow and by the time I reached the base camp where we spent the night, they had already finished their dinner and was relaxing.

We had to get up at 2 AM to climb the summit. It was raining and the temp dropped close to zero and our ponchos were not working.  We were soaked to the bones and freezing. It was nothing short of hell.

Yaya was crying by the time we descended to the base camp. My heart broke seeing her tears. She told me ” the next time you come up with a crazy idea like this, count me out”

I had to laugh..

The hardest part was climbing down..my knees felt as if the joints were made of chocolate pudding.

The thing is, I didn’t expect my children to finish the climb.. especially my youngest..I think as parents we tend to underestimate our children. It was a big lesson for me..to see their determination and will..

I wanted to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain. It was too cloudy when we made it to the top. So crazy as it sounds, I am going to climb again..in August next year. If anyone wants to join, you are welcome.

Kinabalu legends

I would have like to tell the story..but no time.



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  1. Well its definitely an experience though it may have not seemed enjoyable. Especially since now your kids don’t seem to want to do it anymore haha. Like they say “behind the beauty, there will be pain”. So true for mountains ! Went hiking on a mountain last spring with few friends. Though it was not intense as the one you did (1.5 hours to reach the top), it was still rough due to its steepness, hurdles and some slippery paths in some areas that you have to come around. But it was worth it as it was beautiful when you reached the top. Would attach a pic if I could. For me the climb up wasn’t horrible but the climb back down left me muddy/wet (one pal brought her dog with her and let her dog walk loose. At one slope where I was coming down the dog was running and knocked me over into a pool of mud hence I got dirty) and with bruised knees, along with a sore body that lasted a few days lol. But it was worth it ! I personally am someone who’s into outdoor stuff..hiking, kayaking, rafting..etc. Anyway if you come to the US and end up in the northeast maybe you can visit Mount Washington. Visited there when I was like 12. And I’m sure Yaya wouldn’t mind as you don’t have to actually hike up there (it’s a 5 hour hike anyway), but you can take the lazy way and just take a car and drive up to the top (there are many paths for cars to go there) 😉 I remember our family getting a bumper sticker saying “This car climbed Mt Washington”. Still think I have it lol. Thanks for sharing though !

  2. hi
    Glad you made it to the top. I climbed Mount Kinabalu 3 years ago..soaking wet on our way down….i was one of the last three people going down to Laban Rata.. 🙁 🙂
    Would i go again…?? Nooooo…. but i know many people went back again and again…


    • Doreen: A very dear friend in his 70’s has been climbing Mtm Kinabalu for the past 20+ years and he told me that it is a bug that you can never get out of your system.. I never thought it would bite me..But I am already looking forward to my next climb..

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