How can I ?

Yesterday evening Yaya and I went to the mall to do our Christmas shopping.

She is so much fun to be with. Every now and then she would nudge me and whisper, “Did you see that guy? He is so hot ,mom I think I will die of heat stroke”

After her trip to Spain where she met a very hot tour guide whom she assumed wouldn’t know much English and decided to be naughty and proposed “Marry me” and it turned out that the guide was an exchange student from Texas. Since then,she no longer proposes to hot guys..( I am sure there may be some of you who will be offended reading this, but she is a teenager, this is part of her initiation in to an adult 🙂  )

She told me “I love you mom, you are the best” every now and then.

She still holds my hand as we walk.

She made sure she bought the gifts she knows that her siblings would like. She boughts two gifts for her siblings. One from Santa and one from her. ( Even though all three of them know isn’t real)

After she bought two gifts each for her siblings, she remembered that Baby’s favourite Percy Jackson series has a new book. I am stingy by nature and she already bought two gifts. So I said “Nah” to the book and she said “Fine, I will spend my own money” at the same time pouted her lips like a sad puppy.

I am a sucker for her pouted lips and bought the book. After a Thank you and I love you mom,  she said “but mom”

I knew where we were heading. If Baby gets three gifts, then her brother should also get three. So we went to the Game shop to buy yet another Xbox game for her brother.

Half way through I heard her phone ring. She picked up the phone and said

“Ola” and she listened to whatever the person on the other end was saying and I heard her ask

“Which movie?”

“With whom?”

“What time will you be back home?”

“Ok, have fun.I will let Mom know. Bye”

I had left my phone in the car and my son called his sister’s phone to ask me if he could go for a movie with his friends and Yaya did what I usually do and asked all the right questions. I was really impressed.

I really had a good time with her yesterday. Much as I cherished each of those moments, a part of me kept asking “How will I go on living when my child leaves home?”


5 thoughts on “How can I ?

  1. So Sarah- you are a tough cookie. You will survive.. you will move closer to them and they will realize your value and will want you closer.

    No champagne bottle for the milk delivery man this year ? 😉

  2. When you feel so close to someone, it’s always hard to depart..however I was told always…no matter how far you are from your loved, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose that closeness for eternity, as there are many ways to keep that closeness and love intact. Btw…are you still contemplating in moving to the US? And just curious..has Yaya any ideas of where she wants to go to college?

    • J1206: I really like my life in Australia. I don’t want to give up all that I worked for and move to the same time, my children have refused to take Australian citizenship and without that they will not be eligible for HECS loan. So I will be spending money for their tuition fees anyway. So I might as well pay for it if to get their dream degrees in the colleges they dream of going..

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