3 thoughts on “Away until Monday..

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I need your suggestion on the following -could you help me out?
    What would be your simple reasoning to children who are in school ,age 7 and insist on having their own cellphones/ipads ” just because” their friends have it too.
    TIA ,Nimmy

    • Nimmy: your comment made me remember Furby. I blogged about it today. The way I deal with things like that is to ask myself “what are my reasons for saying No?” My nephew( step) came home once and he had a Gameboy. My son too wanted one, but he was only 4 years old. I told him, you are too young right now, but when you are old enough, I will buy you one. which I did and he still has the entire collection. I am also weary of bullying children go though from their peers if they don’t hv certain gadgets.
      7 yrs old is too young for cellphones. I used radiation risk as a reason when I said “No”
      As for the Ipad, are they wanting one so they can play the games? You could always have a family ipad and fixed hours when they can borrow the ipad to play the games.

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