It is 5 years since I came to Australia. The longest I ever stayed continuously in any country since leaving India in 1994. And that makes me feel miserable.

I really want to go and live in South America and learn Spanish. I was thinking of Venezuela, but then I read about Guyana, Anglo Caribbean country with 43% Indo Guyanese population, Guyana sounds a lot more interesting than Venezuela. I am still figuring out a way to get there and I know sooner or later I will blog from there 🙂

One thing for sure though is that I prefer to call Australia home. 5 years ago, I didn’t think I would last a year here. So far, I have survived a bush fire, flood  and drought. I have met my share of poisonous snakes, spiders and box jelly fish. However, I also wake up every morning listening to bird songs ( be it summer or winter).the sky is mostly blue most of the time and light pollution is a lot lesser than N. America and I can see a lot more stars at night.

As I grow older, living in a warm climate is a lot more appealing to my weary, arthritis prone bones. I can go for a walk at any time of the day/year without having to worry about inclement weather. Though I still hate the reverse order of season and much prefer to have Christmas in winter, my bones don’t complain when I don’t have to shovel the snow. Besides, I have long vacation during Christmas time and can travel.


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  1. I’d love to visit a Spanish speaking country. I do know how to speak Spanish though (although understanding is a bit difficult for me), but just would love the experience if I can get it. Honestly I really don’t find learning the language that difficult.

    How long have you been in Australia for? And also in N. America. I do admit I am reluctant to visit Australia d/t the poisonous critters that exist, like a Sydney Funnel Web Spider or those poisonous snakes. Am afraid of getting bitten esp when sleeping and enduring the worst. Don’t know how you guys bear it though !

    • J1289: Remember this, every night you go to bed, you have one less day to live of the finite amount of days you are destined to live. You can chose to live each day with fear of the unknown or you can choose to live each day to the fullest and tell yourself each night before you sleep ” that was another beautiful day and I learned something new”

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