Little helpers

My children don’t help me with house work. Sometimes when I am tired, I get really annoyed with my children that they don’t help me at all with house work

Yaya told me once when I complained bitterly how mean she is because she doesn’t lift her little finger to do any house work  “Mom, you chose to have us, all these chores are your responsibilities, not mine”.

She was absolutely right and so I continue to do all the work by myself. ( My son does help me with mowing the lawn and Yaya always put the groceries away, but that is all they do)

Last weekend we went to Coffs harbour. Because of my exams, we didn’t go to the beach during summer holidays and I really wanted to go camping and spend time with the kids.

We always make it a point to go to Muttonbird national park and as usual, I was busy vayum nokkifying.. My youngest is a dare devil and she ran ahead. Yaya hates walking.. in fact when we were doing  bush walk, yaya was whining so much that a stranger asked her ” Do you want some cheese with that W(h)ine?”  After2 minutes of walk, Yaya complained that she thinks she is suffering from Altitude sickness.. needless to say, it took a long time for the mother and her forever complaining  child to reach the top of the hill.

This is what I saw.


There stands my son next to his dare devil sister watching over is a 30 foot drop to the ocean from there… My son suffers from severe Osgood Shlatters disease ( growing pain with.knee swelling) and he really would have struggled climbing down the rocks to get to his sister.

When she went too close to the edge I heard him tell her ” Baby, get down” and she listened to her brother.

I guess, I should stop complaining that my children don’t do anything at home. It is not doing the chores that matter.. it is being there for each other that matters the most.


2 thoughts on “Little helpers

  1. May 1. International Workers Day. The most appropriate day for imposing work on your kids, Sarah!

    Children unite, You have nothing to lose but your mother’s chiding.

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