3 years +

Today is a day to celebrate.

After three years and 4 months, my youngest child slept in her own room.

It all started with a goosebumps story book. Apparently there was a dummy ( not sure what it is) and baby got scared. She refused to sleep in her room and even started to sleep walk. I spoke to my Psychiatrist colleague and he told me, this is just temporary and she will outgrow the fear pretty soon. But she didn’t. It got worst and worst to the extent that she was even afraid to close the bathroom door while taking her shower.

I bought worry doll for her that she could keep under her pillow. I bought night light with sensors that came on every time she got out of the bed, hoping that the light would make her less afraid. I even tried to sleep with her in her room, till she slept. Whatever I did, in the middle of the night she came to my bed to sleep.

It was a nightmare every time she went for school trips, because she had to be given lower bunk bed and someone had to watch over her because of her sleep walking.

This morning when I woke up and didn’t find her in my bed, the first thing I did was to run to the main door and see if it was open. Then I checked the garage and the pergola, only then I checked her room. It was such a relief to see her sleeping in her own room.

Another battle won..

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