She is incredibly gorgeous and very intelligent. She was my son’s classmate in elementary school and both of them represented the school for all the maths competitions and won every single time. They don’t go to the same high school and for her birthday, my son was the only boy she invited.

Few weeks ago, Yaya told me, “Mom, did you see what so and so wrote on toothless’s wall for his birthday?”

I didn’t.

Yaya continued, “it is so good that I took a screenshot of it”   she showed me the screen shots. ( It was so long that it took three screen shots )

Obviously, the girl is head over heels in love with my son and my son has no clue. He considers her as his best friend, nothing more. I wish I could shake my son, so he would see it, mostly because I was that girl many years ago. Falling in love with my best friend and hoping he would notice me, never having the guts to tell him my feelings for fear of losing my best friend.. Watching him falling in love with one wrong girl after another and supporting him each time someone broke his heart..

I don’t understand how love works. Why can’t my son see the gem in his hand?

Such is life.


8 thoughts on “She

  1. Love’s Labour’s Lost.

    It is Love. The guy who you loved might have enjoyed with many girls. That is why he didn’t choose the right one (yes YOU). An illusion. No right or wrong. Only enjoyment.

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