The past few days I have been busy doing a spring (rather autumn) cleaning and went through a lot of my children’s school work that they brought home at the end of every term. I didn’t throw them out right away as I am supposed to because I wanted to read their work and amassed a huge collection of work and felt if I don’t go through them, it will only grow bigger.

My children often don’t show me their assignments and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but I really like to read what they wrote, for it shows me their thought process.

I found this among my son’s school work. I am not sure when he wrote it, I assume it is grade 6 or 7.

Those who grew up in India in the early 1990’s will remember MTV vj David Wu (man) playing this song over and over. I loved the song so much that I recorded the same song on one side of a 60 minute tape ( the other side had Sacrifice by Elton John), so I didn’t have to rewind the tape to listen to it. In fact when Amma was here and the song came on the radio and she told my children ” your mom’s song”.

I remember playing this song often when I gave birth to my youngest. My son was 22 months old then. I certainly haven’t played this song after we left Penang because CD’s were becoming more popular and I gave away all the music tapes to our driver.  My son was three when we left Penang.

I am touched by the fact that of all the songs he could have picked, he picked the one song that was really meaningful. I am also terrified of the impact of my role as a mother. If a song that I used to play when he was 22 months old made such a huge impact on my son, what about all my other actions? Have I been a good mother?







PS:My apologies,  I know the photo can only be enlarged to be able to read on a smart phone. Anyone knows how I can post it, so everyone will be able to read it?

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  1. wordpress lets you upload images directly. That way, when you click on the image, it would become bigger.

    • URT: I think the problem lies with me using Ipad to take the photo. I can’t find any settings to take a decent photo using ipad and reading instruction manual has never been my forte.

      • I don’t think so – The photo on the blog is of a very small resolution. How big is the file size? When I look at the image URL, it takes me to Can you try uploading it directly to wordpress?

        • URT: The photo is hosted on tiny pic to save my bandwidth. I really should sit down and figure out how to load a decent photo on the blog..I just don’t have the time.

          • ok, makes sense. Can you use something like flickr instead? Any place where you can upload (and view) the whole photo.

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