Last Friday, I was at the basketball court with my son for his game and met the girls team I managed last year. All the girls except yaya and her best friend are still in the team and they played in court 2 while my son was playing in court 1. If Yaya was playing, then both Yaya’s and my son’s games would have been over at the same time and my life would have been much easier. I was really angry with Yaya for being irrational and I knew she was making the biggest mistake in her life. I imagined her frantically trying to do basketball next year to get the hours when she could have finished all the required hours this year and  concentrate on her exams next year.

As usual, I offered to drop Yaya at work on Saturday morning ( still annoyed with Yaya). without any warning Yaya said, “mom,For my CAS, I am thinking of running a marathon to raise money for charity and I spoke to my PE teacher and he said he will help me train, What do you think?”

Every felt as if someone hit your head with the biggest sledgehammer you could ever find?

I was stunned. It was such a brilliant idea. CAS is all about pushing yourself and learning from it, not just filling the hours.

I am  so glad that Yaya is more stubborn than me and I am relieved that she didn’t listen to me.

I am absolutely proud of my daughter.

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  1. Sarah, You are an excellent writer. A good novelist in the making. In the ‘mistakes’ chapter you described about the decision of your daughter contrary to your wishes. Next post was its continuation, but started as a new subject without any connection of the previous, keeping the surprise till the last. Readers are stunned, like you at her decision, but for a different reason, for your craft of writing.
    Take out all your posts. Polish it. Rewrite it. It will be a good novel. Like “The god of small things” you may get a Booker.

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