Today is Amma’s birthday. For a person who loves numbers, I don’t know Amma’s year of birth. I will be 43 soon and I was born when she was 35, so she must be 78 years old.

This morning as I was watering my ferns in the pergola, I noticed the lorikeet painting on the floor, wind must have pushed it off the window sill.. Amma loved the lorikeets that used to come and eat the birdseeds in the feeder and I bought that painting for her as her birthday gift. She hid it among the towels in my linen closest when she left, so it will be the first thing I will see when I returned. I couldn’t bear to throw the painting out and didn’t want it inside the house, so I kept it on the window sill in the pergola.

I used to think, children who abandon their parents are ungrateful.


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      • I’m connected all the time from different devices at various places.. So..:)..but do you check IP even when the comments are coming in with a user id?..:D

        • Thumbi: I have the uncanny ability to remember random numbers. WP captures your ip when you leave a comment and I can see that along with the comment and I noticed the difference.. I always do, though there is no real reason for remembering random numbers other than loving random numbers.

      • Btw, you can be proud that you have brought some change.. Ive started using my dishwasher at least 3 times a week now.. Was just waiting to see if I can continue for sometime before telling you.. 🙂

    • Bipin: I was miserable. I cried..then I wished my sisters did something nice for Amma and I felt even more miserable that I am expecting someone else to be nice to my mother when I couldn’t be.

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