When Yaya’s Samsung Galaxy phone stopped working, I did all that I was supposed to do. I called the Vodafone tech support and followed their instructions and nothing happened. Then I was asked to take the phone to the Vodafone outlet to send for repair. The screen had a tiny crack on it and Vodafone customer service officer very kindly informed me that the warranty is void and even if they send the phone for repair, it will not be repaired. I felt I should take my chances and insisted that they send the phone for repair. A week later, I got a call from the outlet to let me know that they send the phone for repair and some major parts needs to be repaired and since they couldn’t contact me, Vodafone returned the phone back to the outlet. ( There was no way they couldn’t have reached me. It was pretty obvious that the phone never left the outlet)

Brother of one of my colleague  owns a phone repair shop and I send the phone to him. He told me the repair costs would be in excess of 300$.

I am very stingy and didn’t see the need to invest 300$ on something that is only worth 200$ ( current market value).

During all these dramas, my son kept asking me, if he could have a look at the phone and I kept saying No. He is 13 and smartphones are extremely complex. I didn’t trust him enough to handle such complex instruments.

Last weekend, as I was just about to leave for the airport, he asked me ( perfect timing), if he could have a look at Yaya’s old phone.  I couldn’t think of any valid reason why I shouldn’t let him, so I said “yes”

He was waiting for me when I got back home that night.. Yup. you guessed it right. He fixed the phone. All he did was to resort to factory setting. ( He tried to explain how he did it, but after such a long trip, my brain was not working )

If I had given the phone to him the first time he asked me, I wouldn’t have had to use an old Nokia and could have kept in touch with my friends ( whatsapp). Instead, I kept pressing the screen to do the word correct and simple things like putting a full stop was so time consuming that  I ended up not using the phone at all.

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  1. I am confused. It was yaya’s phone that was not working. You son fixed that Yaya’s phone. How were you not able to keep in touch, and had to use the old Nokia?

    • Joan : your log in handle name is different, but the ip is same, so I assume you are Joan. I had blogged about giving my phone to Yaya, because I felt she is a teenager and needs the phone more than I did. She got my iPhone and I reverted back to my old Nokia

  2. Yes, that was from my second computer, that has the handle name as Jin. It automatically fills it in for leaving the comment. It was not Intentional to confuse you, or hide my identity.

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