The house 2

He is known in my family for his ‘business mind’. His dream was to go to US and he did so by marrying a nurse, even though he only studied till the 12th. He couldn’t speak a word of English when he went to US, but retired with pension !

He raised his sons exactly how he was raised and when it came to their marriage, he insisted the bride should be from Kerala and his sons listened to their father’s advice. ( American born mallu penkuttikal kku bhayankara hungaaa 🙂 was the selling point)

His second dream  retire and live in Kerala. He sold the house in US and went back to Kerala, built his dream mansion ( in an onam kera moola, close to where the rest of his relatives live). The tiles were imported from Italy and when the workmen didn’t install the tiles in a straight line, he got them to remove it and reinstall ( apparently he also didn’t pay them wages for the extra work, for it was their fault, if they had done it properly in the first time, then it didn’t need to be redone). Everything in the house was perfect.

And then he waited and waited and waited.

Waited for what you must ask? Well, you see, when he went back to India, he wanted his sons to go with him. After all, their wives are from Kerala and they will want to go back home even if their husbands really don’t want to go back, plus which mallu girl will not want to live a palace?. He, who didn’t take care of his own parents expect that his sons will ( actually must, not will) take care of him.

He was sure he was holding the proverbial carrot in his hand, while he and his wife live alone in a massive castle in an onam kera moola, hoping their sons will come back, their daughter’s in law have managed to get the sponsorship for their parents and sibling ands they are all living happily in US.

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  1. 11 lakhs plus houses lying vacant in Kerala, with nobody to stay, a 2011 census says. Majority the ‘pongacha phorin mallus’ made to show off their wealth. Nowadays from Class XII children go distant places for study and for whom the malayali parents make the palatial buildings?

  2. Paper plates are not a norm, except for parties. It is not possible for people to clean that large number of non-disposable items that get piled up in sink at the end of the party. People like me, hate collecting stuff, Therefore my china cabinets are empty. We use Corrals utensils for every day, load dishwasher at least once a day. We mostly eat dinner at home made with non-processed ingredients, and live/own all the things that are norm in America. I think Indian people have advantage/disadvantage, because they are hard working, save money and donot spend money on vacation, living with luxury etc. Only out side life looks luxurious, but not inner life.

    However this is not the case with every one. There are lots n lots of Indian families living life every day comfort, and wealth.

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