I have been pretty annoyed with Yaya the past few days. Two days ago, she woke me up at 2 AM asking my help to download a voice recording from her ( my ) phone to the computer. Apparently she had to submit her English assignment as a voice recording and decided to do it the very last minute and needed my help to log in to my ITunes.

Before that, she went with her friends to make gingerbread house at a local school fundraising. In my quest to live close to nature and away from other homo sapiens, I bought a house pretty far from the city center. Everything about the location is perfect, except when I have to drive at night. It is a long and winding drive and often there are no other cars on the road. I am also scared to come back home in the middle of the night alone. ( snakes). I  have to take the other two with me because I don’t want to leave them alone at home. My youngest goes to be at 9 pm and Yaya called me at 10.30 to tell me, she finished making her ginger bread house, can you please come and pick me up? Don’t get me wrong, Yaya didn’t do anything wrong, the problem was me doing all this on my own and it was my own choice. I didn’t get mad at her. I was just annoyed with the whole situation.

Thelma’s house is the first house from the main road and I love seeing all her plants. It is also comforting that she is always there. I know every bit of her garden and Yesterday I noticed that her potted iceberg rose ( full of blooms and her pride and joy) and few other plants were missing. So I called her when I got back home to find out what happened. She told me “my daughter told me, either I get rid of the plants, or I leave the house”

“Oh” I said. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“Are you ok?” I asked

” of course I am”, she said ” You know what, Initially, I was upset, but then I thought, at least she is still alive to fight with me and I am thankful for that. So I moved the plants to the back of the house”

( Thelma came to Australia to take care of her daughter when the daughter was diagnosed with cancer)

And it occurred to me, sometimes when life gets all weary and tiring and children are becoming a handful, I forget the simple things..that I would rather drive in the middle of the night through long and winding road and see my smiling child than the alternative.

5 thoughts on “perspective

    • Lux: I live in Brisbane,Australia. it doesn’t snow here. Because I live close to a nature reserve and now that the weather is warm and snakes are out of hibernation..there are plenty of deadly snakes around my place..I am terrified of snakes.

  1. There are snakes near ur place?? OMG! You gotta be brave for that! We sold our house when it was in the process of construction once long back when we realized snakes come out there!

    • Manju: Not just the proximity to the nature reserve, my chooks also attracts the snakes..snakes love to steal the eggs, and also snakes eat the mouse that eats the chook food. I feel, I have encroached upon their space and believe in live and let live. ( besides, a friend of mine is a snake catcher and I have his number on speed dial)

      • I like your way of thinking. Good that your friend is a snake catcher.. But still, the idea of you living in proximity to snakes sends shiver down my spine. Hats off to you lady! I can’t even dare to enter the room where there is a lizard..

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