ara bottle coke um ara bun um

I started to read English novels in my teens and since then have read only one novel in Malayalam. Somehow for me reading a book in English is a lot more enjoyable than reading in Malayalam. But there are books that I read when I was very young that I still remember fondly. One of which is Muttathu Varkey’s Oru kudayum kunju pengalum.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, the one and only thing I ever wanted was love. I was willing to give all that I have, so I could get some love. I tried being the best sister I could ever be, just so I could feel the love Baby and Lilly had for each other. But then you learn that not everyone is lucky to feel the love of a sibling/parent.

Yaya had an art extension project to do yesterday and she had asked me if I could give her some money to buy some snacks after school. I told her to take the money from my wallet.

I was home when she came back from school. As soon as she opened the door, she called her brother’s name and gave him half of the pizza bun she bought, for she knows how much her brother loves pizza. Then she called her sister and gave her half the bottle of the coke she bought. My son gave a bite of his pizza bun to his youngest sister and she shared the coke with her brother. Yaya didn’t have to bring the food home, but she did.

I don’t have anyone to share their pizza or coke with me..but that is ok..for I know that I raised my children well..I didn’t pass on Amma’s legacy of divide and rule.


Ps: does any of you know how to propagate anthurium from cuttings?


6 thoughts on “ara bottle coke um ara bun um

    • MS:More than pride, it was a sense of relief I felt. I grew up hearing ” appante vettukarkku vattundu” “They are like palakkuru, can’t even face each other and fight all the time” or that sins of the forefather’s are paid by the younger generations.. I just wanted a normal family..

  1. One reason to have more than one kid.

    Pat yourself on your back on my behalf. Well done. I wish I could being up my son the same way. ..

    • URT: I could never have had only one child. I wanted a house full of kids.It is so much fun to hear the constand bantering, dissing each other and laughter. You are raising your son well..

  2. I have seen the effects of divide and rule in my husband’s family… I have a son and a daughter, and try my best to bring them up equally and in love….the usual pattern is to fight like cats and dogs….but then I get glimpses of that unity, like in the sharing of a sweet she bought for him from school, I know that unity is there somewhere….

    • SM: If you as a parent don’t divide and rule, there will always be unity among the children, that is why you can see the sharing of sweets. You did well.

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