I am sure many of you who have been reading my blog has a mental picture of me, and I am sure you would love to see how I look. Today is your lucky day.

The last assignment before the term holidays for my son was to do a power point presentation about his family in Spanish. He also had other assignments to do and wasn’t feeling well, so he postponed doing his Spanish assignment to the very last minute.

On the day his assignment was due, while he was in the bus (on his way to school), he worked on his assignment. He had a photo of each member of his family and he had to write a description in Spanish. Somehow, he accidentally deleted my photo. Quickly he send me a txt asking me to send him a photo of me. Unfortunately, I am still using a brick ( old Nokia) and I had given up of trying to figure out how to use it and didn’t see the txt.

In the evening, Yaya was giggling a lot when she told me ” Mom, please ask toothless to show you his Spanish assignment”

“Why?” I asked, which resulted in massive episodes of laughter from all three of my kids.

Obviously my curiosity was piqued.

Apparently, there were visiting dignitaries ( student exchange groups) from foreign countries who were given a tour of the school and some were in my son’s class while he and his classmates were presenting their assignment. My son had a photo of each member of his family and talked about them in Spanish and when it came to his mother, this is what he had.



toothless's momAfter not getting a reply from me, he decided to draw a portrait of his mother. He didn’t forget the henna highlights 🙂

16 thoughts on “Me.

      • super mole super.. and hair in two colors!! and two lovely eyes looking in two different directions.. that is how you keep tabs of everything around you!

        • MS: When he was little, I used to tell him that I have eyes at the back of my head, to prove it, I will sit in front of the balcony sliding door with him standing behind me and I watch the reflection on the glass door and tell him what he is doing. He used to spend hours, trying to see where the third eye was 🙂 But this portrait of mine was the best..full konkannu

  1. I was too eager to see your picture..even tried in FB and other sites in vain and this is the one you put for us! Love your blog and the only one I read for years and years altogether

  2. Oh lol! My 4 year old draws such pictures of me – I was hoping it was just a phase. Looks like it will be like that forever 🙂
    Made my day

    btw – I just got back from Heron Island – why can I not just live there? Beautiful is too tame to describe the place 🙂

    • Vinitha: Sometimes I miss the lush green colour of the pine tress N. America, instead of the dull green colour of gum tree leaves here.. then I remember going to the beach even on summer days in Canada and how cold it was..I do complain a lot when it gets hot here in summer, but I love the islands and beaches here..It is so beautiful.

  3. So dumb i could be and I actually thought u put a pic of yourself 😉
    Cheers 🙂 but that was a good one! would have loved to c the face behind the page :))

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