Mrs. Shelley Cooper

My son calls me Mrs. Shelly Cooper every now and then after Sheldon Cooper of Bing Bang Theory. The first time, he called me Mrs. Shelley Cooper, he was also very clear in telling me that he has named me so,not at all because I am smart like Sheldon, but because of the way I shop.

Apparently in an early episode, Sheldon told Penny to buy female hygiene products in bulk when they are on sale because they are used regularly and don’t have an expiry date.

You see, when I do my grocery shopping, I buy soap, shampoo etc  in bulk if they are on sale. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner and I have never bought them paying the full price. The same with the laundry detergent. Every 10 weeks, Coles sell  the detergent I use  ( Attack brand)50 % off. I replace my stock every 10 weeks. The marketing strategy used is brilliant. They promote the product by selling it at 50% off and when the soap is finished in the first 6-8 weeks ( 1kg soap = 25 washes, average family will do minimum three loads of washing/week= 12 washes a month) you end up buying it at full price and unless you are smart and buy few boxes of soap the first time and keep replenishing the stock whenever it is on sale, you will end up paying the full price forever !

I am frugal, not because I want to live a miserable life like my mother did, but because I want to spend the money on things I like. I live in a small home, I own nothing fancy ( except my car), I buy most of my clothes from Thrift shops. I am happy with what I have.

Found this article and thought I will share it here.

Frugal habits of the super rich

I am away till Monday.

Have a jolly good weekend.


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