The ring.

The most difficult part of being a single mother is  when your children fall ill. Although I am trained as a doctor, I am a basket case when my children fall ill.

Over the years we have had so many medical dramas and I often wonder how my poor heart is still beating.

Few days ago, while playing basket ball, my son had a bad fall, which I didn’t see because my head was inside my book. I only understood something happened when I felt people were looking/staring  at me. By then one of the parent and the coach has already carried my son to the bench. As I ran to where my son was, I thought I could hear all the parents chanting “traitor” or something similar to that, for it is a big parental crime not to watch your child play basket ball, instead  read novels, especially when he is a very good basket ball player and is well known for the three pointers that he often scores.

My son knows he is a good basket ball player, so do I. I don’t understand the need to sit there and watch his every moves. At the end of the day, it is just a game and like everything in life, there is always a winner just as there is a loser. There isn’t anything that I would gain by seeing my son score a three pointer. My son isn’t an extension of my ego. But not many parents agree to my view.

By the time I reached my son, I noticed he was holding his left hand very tightly. “oh dear lord, a fracture?” I asked myself. Fracture means,Visit to the hospital, x-ray, get the cast, meanwhile I have to get someone to pick up Yaya and baby..all these thoughts came to my mind in a flash.

“Mom, it hurts” he said and my heart broke to a 1000 pieces.

I checked his hand and noticed that his ring finger is getting swollen. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I heard my son say “now what am I going to do with the ring?”

“What ring?” I asked. I didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Mom, look at my finger, if this swelling doesn’t go down, can you imagine what size wedding ring I will have buy ?” “oh my ring, oh my ring” he sang..

The he got up, hugged me and said ” oh Sarahmma, you are such a worry wart, it is a just a jarring of the finger”

He went back to play.

And my poor heart is still beating..

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  1. 🙂

    I understand your feelings. I always regret that I didn’t become a doctor- for my son. I forget that I hated biology, wouldn’t have survived either pre degree or medical school. Nice to know that being a doctor doesn’t solve the problem.

    • URT: Doctors make lousy mothers ! My friend’s daughter broke her little finger and the mother who is a GP thought, it was nothing. You sound very much like Yaya, she will not even enter the Biology lab because it makes her sick. I understand all about genetics, but how can the child of a doctor hate the one subject her mother loved the most?? I still don’t get, why the sight of a biology specimen makes her so violently sick. It is in a bottle and it is something that you see every day, albeit dead !

    • Sharon: His biggest thrill currently is to lift me up while I am cooking and say ” Sarahmma, you are so tiny”

  2. hi sara chechi,
    i used to read your blog everyday before, but after i had my baby i didntget timr to read n then i forgot about ur blog. two days back i was making vettu cake n suddenly i remembered aboutyou n the orappam you had blogged it. i have lots to read now. what about ur it published

    • Sham: congrats for becoming a mom. what is vettu cake? I realized after reading your comment that I haven’t made orappam in a while.
      My IT consultant is the descendant of the lottery guy who used to sing “naley naley” and the book is still unpublished till he finishes his end of the work !

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