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The past few days have been exceptionally busy and in the middle of last night, I had to bake a birthday cake.

I have always loved baking, but at 12 midnight, I wanted something that is quick to bake and tasty.

I found this recipe for Tiramisu cake ( Since it has over 1000 reviews, I felt I should give it a try. This is one of the easiest cake I have ever baked and I thought I would post it here.

I always have a packet of cake mix in the pantry so there was no measuring and beating the egg and butter together, add the egg one at a time like the standard way of making a cake. I chucked the cake mix, the eggs, margarine and milk in to a bowl, gave it a quick whisk, poured in to two pans and baked it. I have a bottle coffee syrup that my kids use to make cold coffee, I used few table spoon of that to flavour the cake.Though the recipe asks for three layers, I only had two similar sized pans and decided to do two layer cake.

I didn’t have mascarpone. So I followed the hint in the first comment. Beat a block of cream cheese with some cream and icing sugar.

As soon as the cake(s) cooled a bit, I poked it numerous times with a needle and poured a generous amount of Kahlua all over the cake.. Then I iced one cake with the cream cheese mix, placed the second cake on top and used the rest of the icing on top. I was too tired to do the cream frosting. The cake came out really well.

If you like coffee and Kahlua, give it a go.

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    • URT: I have seen people making chocolate leaves using the same method..but I never thought you could do a beautiful icing the same way. It was such a brilliant idea. Thank you for posting the link.

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