Oh the things you will learn !

Now that it is school holidays and that there is no sports activities, all of a sudden my weekend was free. It was 9 degrees in the morning and there was no way I wanted to go to the beach and I felt like a headless chicken. Until now, my weekends was nothing but driving from one sports venue to another. With nothing else to do and three bored kids, we decided we will go for shopping ( and I didn’t want to cook lunch)

My youngest wanted stationary from Smiggles. Over priced, useless stuff in my dictionary is the most treasured item in my children’s. But I have known the joy of owning a Flora pencil. When most of my classmate had the normal dookkily red and black pencil ( can’t remember the brand name) mine was a white pencil with beautiful deep pink flowers and green leaves. So we went to smiggles. Being the smart Mom that I am, I told them 15 $ each and not a penny more, for I know without such a clause, I will be looking at getting a gun to rob the bank. No kidding..By the time you add the cost of the pencils, pens, erasers plus this and that, x 3, it would cost me 100$.

Baby found a pencil case for 14.99, there was one for sale for 5$, I tried my best to get her to buy it, but she gave me that look. ( I live in eternal hope that my children would inherit mine and my mother’s pishukki genes)

Yaya bought a lot of pens and pencils.

My Son found a  electric sharpener. ( I wanted to ask, how would it hurt you to use the manual Steadler sharpener we have at home, but since I offered 15$ for him to spend, I couldn’t tell them how to spend their share)

As we walked to the counter to pay, I heard Yaya ask, “Toothless, do you remember what had happened to your finger?” Soon they were both giggling.

“What happened to your finger?” I asked

There were total silence. They were looking at me as if I committed some crime, not the other way around.

Of course my curiosity is piqued.

“Out with it” I ordered.

After a few attempts of “it was nothing, don’t worry about it” etc and knowing that his mother is like a terrier with a bone and won’t relent,

Very sheepishly my son said ” Mom, do you remember when I was little, my finger was bleeding?”

I remember the incident very well. It was a normal day, suddenly all three of my children started  crying, in the midst of crying melee, I noticed my son’s little finger was bleeding. It wasn’t a normal injury. It looked like his finger was crushed, but normal crushed injury is from top to bottom, this one was all around. Neither of them would tell me how he got it. ( baby was too young). My son was crying because his finger was bleeding, Yaya was crying because her brother was in pain. I still don’t know why baby was crying, probably for the same reason as Yaya.

They never told me how he got the injury.

And according to my son “mom, I wanted to see how your pencil sharpener works and tried to sharpen my finger  using your  sharpener” ( desk top version)

Oh the things you will learn..(when your children grow up and tell you the truth)..

5 thoughts on “Oh the things you will learn !

    • Anitha: It felt so good to read your comment..it bothers me a lot when I can’t remember the name of something, especially when I can see the image of the pencil..my pencil case at that time..even the aluminium colour sharpener I owned..
      Thank you

  1. Yes Natraj!! and loved the Flora.. the white pencil with little colored flowers on it…
    Been trying to get a Camlin set for my kid. I wax eloquently about how I got one set for the year and how we had to treasure it etc etc and she looks at me blankly!! Need to get one next time I go to India!!
    Also the Camel water color set.. round tablets of colors! The ones who got the tube colors were considered to be novelty and the ones who had extra tubes were looked upon as rich!! I got the tablets and had to buy extras from the teacher- 50 paisa each!!

    • MS: I didn’t get a new paint set every year. I had to reuse the old one..there was a hole in the center of each paint well where the paint is empty and I had a medicine dropper that Amma made me use to drop a single drop of water in to that empty space and then gently mix the paint.I get the same blank look when I tell my kids how I used a medicine dropper to accurately measure a drop of water to mix my paint.!
      When I was growing up, my dream was to join the postal painting classes, the ad for which came in all the comic books/balarama etc. Send a sample painting of yours with a 50 paisa self addressed envelope to join the painting school and learn to pain. I can’t remember the name of the institution..but it was in North India. Amma insisted that it was a fake organization that was simply collecting the 50 paisa stamp.

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