I am such a horrible mother !

My youngest went to school this morning crying. I made her cry.

I have followed the principle that if my children have exams, then it is up to them to study. It was how I was raised. Amma never once sat with me to help me with my homework or teach  me for my exams.

Until now, all three seems to have had no issues when it came to exams. Yesterday morning while driving my youngest to school, she casually mentioned that she has history test tomorrow and she asked me all the questions about Australian federation. Whatever I knew, I told her.

This morning, while I was making the school lunch, she came to me and asked “Mom, can you quiz me?”

It was such a huge tactical error on her part. I was busy and she shouldn’t have come to me.

While rolling the sushi, I asked her the questions that her teacher said ‘might be part of the test’ today. Her answer to the first question  about when Australia became a federation was ” I am not sure, it might be 1867 or 1901″

I lost my cool the moment she said ” I am not sure”. I don’t believe in I am not sure. I have all the books about Australia at home, then there is google, then there is her sister and brother and then there is me. She could have asked any one of us and we would have helped her find the answer for her.

I scolded her so much.

I know one can never take back the words once spoken.

Only after I dropped her to school, I realized why she said 1867, Henry Parks had suggested to form a federal council in 1867 and she would have thought that was the day federation started. It was such a simple mistake that was not worthy of me chewing her brain for breakfast..I wish I wasn’t so harsh on her.. I will apologize to her this evening, but I know no amount of apology will take away the hurt I caused her.

4 thoughts on “I am such a horrible mother !

    • Anitha: I bought her chocolate mud cake from cheese cake factory and as I drove in to the school park, I thought I would see a sad child, the first sign that told me, it wasn’t so, when I saw her waving at me to get my attention and then she looked to the back to see if her Principal is any where near, then she held her bag on her head and leaped/jumped over the chain link fence that are kept to isolate the disbaled car park, she ran to me and asked “did you see me jump?” and I knew all will be well. I aplogized for making her cry and she replied “it is ok mom, I know why you were angry, by the way you should change your name to Sarah terrorist” she smiled and told me..and ate half the cake before we reached home.

    • MS: I cheat ! I use smoked salmon..I cook the rice the night before and so the whole Sushi making process only takes 10 minutes.

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