Ordinary day

I was never fond of TV and when I returned to Malaysia, I didn’t buy one. I only bought a TV after 9/11 and by then I was expecting my third child. I wanted my children to read books and also didn’t want to use TV as a nanny, so I restricted my children’s TV time when they were young.

When we lived in Mumbai, the unit I was renting came with a cable connection and when I called the cable company to disconnect the cable, they send someone to see if I made some illegal connection and was trying to cheat the cable provider.

Last Sunday,after our dinner, I sat on my favourite chair to watch our family Sunday evening program. When my children were little, we watched Three stooges, Popeye etc and munched home made popcorn. Last Sunday, we watched Elementary. Actually, I would have liked to watch The mentalist ( I still have a huge crush on Simon Baker !) which was also on at the same time, but I was voted out.

Yaya wants to work in a pub while she is at the uni, she read somewhere that jobs in the pubs pay the most money and she thinks she will have a better chance of getting a job if she knew how to mix cocktails. I am her guinea pig. She made nutty irish cocktail for me and a mocktail with ginger beer and lemon cordial for herself and her siblings.

As I sipped my drink, I looked at my children, gone were the little kids with chubby cheeks and eager eyes fighting over a bowl of popcorn happily watching a silly cartoon and laughing. Now there are two teenagers and a pre teen and a clueless mother watching a program rated M.

Of couse I knew more than anyone that time flies..but with each new day, I find myself in unchartered waters..dating, sex, drugs, alcohol..and I wish I spend more time to cherish those perfectly oridinary days when my children were little..I will never get them again,

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