Hypocrites !

Hypocrites !

There is no race more hypocritical than Indians.

We claim to have a culture that are centuries old. Our men are so concerned about following the dictates of the said culture  that they even protest about a kiss in a movie scene. ( there were plenty of interesting comments yesterday! can’t find them today. Some of the comments were about how this Kiss will affect the future of the actress!)


For you see In India the belief is that passion and associated vices are part of western civilization. Indian girls don’t kiss and if your daughter kissed a guy then not only you were a bad parent to have raised such an immoral child, but also the future of your daughter is in jeopardy. Nobody wants ‘spoiled’ goods.

It is the responsibility of each member of the society to guard the virtue of our daughters, that is why you find  nursing colleges in India checking the virginity of nursing students,


In a country that cares so much about the purity of the girls, how do you explain this?



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